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My Story of Success

Back in 1996, I opened my first salon. Scared? Absolutely. Excited? Even more so. I worked hard, became the top stylist around, and realised something important: I needed to double down in order to take my business to new heights.

From Styling to Strategising

I soon stepped back from the salon floor to dive into the details of business management. It wasn't a walk in the park, but I loved it - especially the numbers part. Understanding our performance metrics was key, and it changed everything.

Growth and More Growth

With the lessons learned, I opened my second salon. This time, things clicked right from the start. Why? Because I had solid systems and processes in place. I took a step back from the daily grind, and guess what? My business actually grew faster than ever.

Taking Action

When I decided to take these bold steps, the results were nothing short of amazing. Staff issues started to fade away. My team became stable and happy. I finally had the time and headspace to set real targets, manage our money better, and help my team shine. Oh, and I could actually focus on marketing the right way.

Learning by Doing

How did I figure all this out? A mix of in-depth reading, attending courses and good old trial and error. What I learned is simple: any salon owner who's ready to try something new and has the guts to go for it will see incredible things happen.

The Power of Coaching

I discovered first-hand the impact that coaching and mentorship can have. Removing myself from day-to-day operations was a massive leap, but it was a crucial step in accelerating growth and empowering my team to thrive. I learned how to run my salon on auto-pilot, in a way that kept my business booked, busy, and profitable. Now I'm sharing my success with you.


Spreading Wisdom

In 2018, I penned "Do Something Different In Your Salon Today," a book that captures my experiences and insights.  Today, my mission is to show salon owners and entrepreneurs like yourself how to embrace change and crush the competition.  There's no better way to stand out from the crowd.

Get to Where You Want to Be

Truth be told, it took me years to develop and refine my complete system.  But here's the good news: you don't have to take the long road like I did. If you're looking to bypass those years of waiting and jump straight into making impactful changes, I've got you covered.

Real Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it. Check out how we've elevated other salons and businesses, helping them scale beyond even their wildest dreams.

Wow, what a day!

We laughed, we learned, and we left feeling ready to utilise our new skills.  Steve's approach is down-to-earth and relatable, it's like learning from a friend rather than a typical instructor.  Can't wait to have him back for round two later on this year.

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Carla Hicks
Acquisition Aesthetics

On initially reading his book, it was like he was talking about me!

Steve is a fabulous mentor - calm, patient, enthusiastic and so knowledgeable.  Steve certainly put me on the road to 'do something differently'


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