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Steve is widely recognised as an expert in helping business owners taking a step back from their business and finally take control of their business.

"Why should I listen to you Steve?"

If you're asking ... "why should I listen to you Steve" ... it's a fair question.

Its a question I can answer best by briefly sharing my story with you and it begins when I was still working as an employed stylist. It also begins with a feeling that snuck up on me when I wasn't expecting it ... it was a feeling that I could do better.

As much as I loved my job and respected my employer, I felt I had it in me to deliver a better service and build a stronger brand than they had done but the only way to prove it was to take a brave pill and set out on my own … so I did!

My instincts proved to be right because my new salon got busy very quickly.

The bad news was that I soon became by far the busiest stylist, which meant I was so wrapped up in the process of delivering an amazing service to my clients that I had to fit managing my staff and dealing with all my business responsibilities in the gaps between appointments, or when the salon was closed.

"I understand so much more about my business and I am making decisions based on numbers and facts rather than emotions.
My team have performance based targets and are all seeing real improvements in their pay.

I have more confidence based on structure that I trust and can see in real time, as Steve runs two salons of his own so his philosophies are all tried and tested I feel that I am now a leader rather than a manager"

Tony - Manager
The Salon

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How Can You Help Me?

I'd like to offer you a completely FREE no obligation 1 Hour Coaching session.

This will allow me time to go through the 5 steps with you and make sure you understand them fully. It will also allow me to answer any questions you have about how you can adapt and apply them to your salon.

My 5 step Methodology to business success:

  1. Understanding and have a clear vision, direction and goals
  2. Creating effective strategies to support your progress
  3. Upgrading your skills where needed, as a leader and manager
  4. Organising your environment so nothing gets in your way / managing yourself away from the business on a day to day basis
  5. Mastering your computer system - take away the fear, get the data out so you can transform your business

By the end of our FREE hour together you'll know exactly what steps you need to take to get off the salon floor and if you think you'd like some help actually implementing the steps then with your permission I'll explain how that can happen.

Arranging your FREE session couldn't be easier, just click on the button below and you'll be taken to my contact form. Fill that in and I'll do the rest.

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Client Reviews

Steve Hilliard has designed a bespoke system for my business as everyone is unique. Steve works with you one to one, providing support and guidance to help you achieve your targets and goals.

I have more confidence based on structure that I trust and can see in real time, as Steve runs two salons of his own so his philosophies are all tried and tested I feel that I am now a leader rather than a manager.


The Salon

On initially reading his book, it was like he was talking about me! I had to find out more.
So here we are 18 months later....... a much more confident business owner and believing that I can push my salon further.
Fabulous mentor. Calm, patient, enthusiastic and so knowledgeable. Steve certain put me on the road to ‘do something differently’


Eden Lounge

Before I began coaching with Steve I was literally at the end of my tether with my salon and had even thought about packing it all in! And my salon was successful in terms of being busy, popular and in a great location, but it was Slowly turning into more of a nightmare rather than the ‘dream’ it once was.

Now, my salon is now well on the way to being the dream I always wanted it to be.


Avenue Boutique

Steve helped me to grow my retail understand my numbers and manage my stock and my team.

It was nice to have someone there to bounce ideas off and having a coach helped me to make decisions to better my business.

If you are a salon owner, I would recommend Steve as it can be a very lonely road.


Opus Artistic Hair

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