Coaching Plans & Pricing

An Investment With Immediate Returns

Think of coaching as an investment, not just an expense. In your first month with Steve, you'll learn how to manage your stock more efficiently. This alone can save you thousands of pounds annually, not to mention the clarity you'll gain on each order. Plus, you'll get a handle on your spending like never before.

Our Plans

Our coaching is structured in tiers, designed to mach your circumstances and ever-changing needs.

Tier 1: Kickstart Your Growth

  • Frequency: Weekly calls, 1 hour each
  • Ideal For: Those beginning to take their business to the next level, eager to implement new strategies and systems
  • Cost: £447 (paid every 4 weeks)

Tier 2: Sustaining Momentum

  • Frequency: Calls every 2 weeks, 1 hour each
  • Ideal For: Clients ready to transition after approximately a year, as they become more self-sufficient. Some clients may be able to shift to this tier sooner
  • Cost: £297 (paid every 4 weeks)

Tier 3: Continued Support

  • Frequency: Call every 4 weeks, 1 hour each
  • Ideal For: Clients who have grown with Steve's guidance and now need periodic check-ins for ongoing support and advice
  • Cost: £187 (paid every 4 weeks)

Choose the plan that fits where you're at currently.  We believe in providing flexibility as you grow, so you can change tiers as your business evolves.

Let's get to work and make your business shine.

Making Coaching Affordable

Understanding the Value of Your Investment

Let's break it down. If you're a salon owner and sell just 12 treatments a week at £10 each, that's £120 weekly. Multiply it by 4, and you've got £480 a month - which already covers your coaching costs.

Now, add in revenue from say 3 other staff members. Say they bring in an additional £360 weekly alongside your £120. That's a whopping £1920 every month. Deduct the £447 for coaching, and you're left with £1,473 in gross profit!

Why Steve's Prices Make Sense

Steve's pricing is set with your reality in mind.  He draws a comfortable living from his two salons, so he understands that sky-high coaching fees aren't feasible for most business owners.  His rates are set to be affordable, ensuring you see an uptick in profits.

The 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here's a promise: if, after the first 90 days, you don't feel the coaching is beneficial, Steve will refund you the full amount. That's right, every penny.  Since 2017, not a single client has up this offer, which speaks volumes about the value of his coaching.

A Coach Who Stays Connected

Steve isn't just teaching from a textbook - he's actually walking the walk. He still runs his businesses, occasionally cuts hair, and actively manages his teams.  One of his top stylists has been with him since 2001!  This hands-on experience, having navigated challenges like the Covid pandemic (and still coming out on the other side profitable), adds an extra layer of credibility to his services.

Your Path To Success

Ready to see if Steve is the right fit for you? It all starts with a discovery call.  This 60-minute session is about understanding your business and identifying your challenges.  After the call, it's your decision.  If you choose to proceed, you sign up and start your journey towards more successful, efficient business operations.

The Future of Your Business Begins With A Few Simple Steps.