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Steve Hilliard

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Client Reviews

Steve Hilliard has designed a bespoke system for my business as everyone is unique. Steve works with you one to one, providing support and guidance to help you achieve your targets and goals.

I have more confidence based on structure that I trust and can see in real time, as Steve runs two salons of his own so his philosophies are all tried and tested I feel that I am now a leader rather than a manager.


The Salon

On initially reading his book, it was like he was talking about me! I had to find out more.
So here we are 18 months later....... a much more confident business owner and believing that I can push my salon further.
Fabulous mentor. Calm, patient, enthusiastic and so knowledgeable. Steve certain put me on the road to ‘do something differently’


Eden Lounge

Before I began coaching with Steve I was literally at the end of my tether with my salon and had even thought about packing it all in! And my salon was successful in terms of being busy, popular and in a great location, but it was Slowly turning into more of a nightmare rather than the ‘dream’ it once was.

Now, my salon is now well on the way to being the dream I always wanted it to be.


Avenue Boutique

Steve helped me to grow my retail understand my numbers and manage my stock and my team.

It was nice to have someone there to bounce ideas off and having a coach helped me to make decisions to better my business.

If you are a salon owner, I would recommend Steve as it can be a very lonely road.


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