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Steve is widely recognised as an expert in helping business owners taking a step back from their business and finally take control of their business.

Chloe from Heroine Hair Salon
Michelle from Silhouettes
Luke from Luke Ormsby

Read below what some of Steve's previous clients have to say about him and his methods...

I really enjoyed my time with Steve Hilliard Coaching.

Steve gives no flowers and rabbits, straight to point discussions.

A really good guy giving great guidance.

Bobby - Blue Spear Cars

Steve’s book is called ‘do something different in your salon today’ and after a year of working with Steve I can honestly say that things are different!

The team are much more engaged in the building of their columns and understand why this is important. Through Steve’s innovative wage calculator the team are in control of their earnings it is no longer up to me to provide a pay rise, they can earn more any time they want! His simple yet thorough approach to running your business for profit is so easy to understand with his guidance.

Being a salon owner as well as a coach, and by using the systems he teaches in his own salons, gives him an invaluable understanding of how a salon operates in the real world.

Laura Bateman - Skin & Tonic

Steve has helped me to do something different in my business.

From mindset to execution! Steve has shown me strategies to keep my books full and increase my average bill, the combination of the two have kept my business thriving throughout the pandemic.

Chloe Robinson - Heroine Hair Salon

We had a fantastic team training session in salon with Steve.
I have been coached by Steve for just over 12 months and I have been implementing the suggestions that Steve has advised and the systems we have been working on together to work for my salon. It’s been truly inspiring, motivating and a reassuring day that these changes are working well for the salon. The salon session definitely got the team thinking out side the box and to do something different so were not just cutting hair and that we are giving all our clients an even more unique journey and experience when they visit our salon.

As Steve has the experience of both being a business coach and a hairdresser the approach of his training is so good. As he can explain it from our angle and give some great advice about developing ourselves as stylist’s to take control of consultations and talking the client through their salon visit with commentary hairdressing to give the clients a solution to their hair problems, that doesn’t just help the client but gives the stylist a boost towards achieving and hitting their goals.

It's been very reassuring for me, that the whole team are fully “onboard” and have a good in-depth knowledge about the systems in place within the salon and that it gives them a great understanding about the unique commission systems we have introduced. It’s been inspiring to the team to understand by how just a few small changes and recommendations they can achieve their goals and that they are in control of their future earnings.

Julie - Owner

I have been working with Steve for around three months.

I’ve already noticed a significant change in the way I do business. Not hairdressing – business!

He’s helped me inexplicably over the last few months I’m looking forward to working with him in the coming months.

Thank you Steve for all you have done and for making me see my business differently.

Luke - Owner
Luke Ormsby Hair

The first time I met Steve I was at one of his seminar’s
I had read an email that came through to me and normally I would discard straight away but after reading I was hooked, I thought “oh my god that is me”, so when I walked in and he came over to introduce himself he asked what it was I was looking at getting from today’s seminar I burst out crying saying “for me not to be selling my business, I’ve had enough” poor bloke!!!!
After that day I felt really motivated and I was going to give it another go, unfortunately I could not afford him, but I took on board everything he told us.

8 Months later I went to another seminar with my new manager and again felt it was amazing and thought this is it, the next day called and booked Steve to help me grow my business.

Well I have to say I have never looked back!!

It has been nearly a year and my business are far more productive and I am making a profit which is the first time in 6 years. Don’t get me wrong I have got spread sheets coming out of my ears and every time I think this is surely it, he gives me another one! But I know where my stylists are and more importantly my business is!

Like most salon owners I was a stylist and didn’t realise the difference between stylist and having staff.

Recently I organised Steve to come and inspire the girls last week and the girls loved it they felt like I did the very first time I met him.

I could honestly say I would have closed the doors if it wasn’t for him, and now he has encouraged new to start up my second salon which opens in November 2020.

Fantastic person and mentor.

Clare - Owner
Oakley & Irvine, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Steve has been coaching myself and salon owner Clare.
From finding new ways to monitor specific things in the salon to working on how to deal with a curtain situation, or ever just for a chat and some friendly advice he has always been at the of the phone.

Steve has also come to the salon to deliver a session to the team. Within this session he discussed, how to retail and to sell, how to deal with difficult situations and how to earn greater incentives by working smarter. After this session, the team has had a massive spike in the number of treatments and retail being sold.

The girls have now found new ways of sitting with their clients and understanding their individual needs better.

Steve has been amazing and has made such huge difference and has been amazing every step of the way I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

We love you Steve 🙂

Sarah - Manager
Oakley & Irvine, Stratford-Upon-Avon

We had our training session with Steve last week and I can honestly say it was the best training course I have done.
Steve was very inspirational, He made us look at the way we are currently working very differently, and I personally felt incredibly positive and motivated moving forward.

I have just returned to the salon from a year off having a family and to be refreshed with this training was just what I needed, I now feel confident educating our clients with home care and treatments during their service in the salon and my clients feel a higher level of trust in me for this.

When Steve delivers these sessions he can relate to every single one of us and that for me was what made me realise that thinking differently is what is going to help me increase my takings and help me progress in the future.

Ellie - Stylist
Oakley & Irvine, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Steve spoke about how to increase our average bill without adding more clients.
Julie enrolled us on to Steve’s way of thinking and approach to hairdressing, we had a team session with him where he led us through his steps to achieving more for our columns as stylist and gaining more out of our time with clients.

Both financially for us and haircare wise for them. He listened to me with a client prior and gave me tips on how to improve and give a better consultation and service for the client. I feel more confident connecting to clients about their hair through theirs service not just chatting about holidays!

Also, how to up sell to maintain their hair at home more for them instead of just selling them any old product. He has adapted my way of approaching my consultations, talking the client through their whole hair journey including future aspirations and today's service and recapping though the appointment keeping them hair engaged.

Steve spoke about how to increase our average bill without adding more clients.

Thank you, Steve, for the session!

Kat - Stylist
Bespoke Hair Company - Great Malvern

Where do you go to learn the actual ‘business’ of hairdressing?
I have been a hairdresser for many years, but I didn’t understand how to run and get the best out of it. I was often angry and frustrated with not knowing how to run it.

Steve Hilliard has designed a bespoke system for my business as everyone is unique. Steve works with you one to one, providing support and guidance to help you achieve your targets and goals.

I understand so much more about my business and I am making decisions based on numbers and facts rather than emotions.
My team have performance based targets and are all seeing real improvements in their pay.
I have more confidence based on structure that I trust and can see in real time, as Steve runs two salons of his own so his philosophies are all tried and tested I feel that I am now a leader rather than a manager.

Tony - Manager
The Salon

On initially reading his book, it was like he was talking about me! I had to find out more
So here we are 18 months later..... a much more confident business owner and believing that I can push my salon further.

Steve is a fabulour mentor - calm, patient, enthusiastic and so knowledgeable.

Steve certainly put me on the road to 'do something differently.

Listen to Denise talking about her experience here:

Eden Lounge

Before I began coaching with Steve I was literally at the end of my tether with my salon and had even thought about packing it all in
my salon was successful in terms of being busy, popular and in a great location, but it was Slowly turning into more of a nightmare rather than the ‘dream’ it once was. I was working long hours, giving my heart and soul to my team and my clients but not seeing the rewards financially. It felt like there was one problem after another, staff members leaving, enormous stock bills. the list goes on! And it had all stopped being ‘worth it’ .....I was exhausted!

That’s when I got in touch with Steve, and honestly I wish I had done this right from the start, straight away he made me realise my value and helped me see where I was going wrong. The systems he introduced were simple and easy to implement in the salon. he taught me to see it as a ‘Business’ rather than just a pretty salon to go to work in!

Before coaching my salon was running me and now 6 months on the tables have turned and I am running the salon! I feel more in control and I can see how my Business is going to continue to grow and the financial rewards are coming.

Having that level of support when you're running a salon is absolutely priceless and the most helpful thing of all is having someone advice you when you make big decisions and give u the confidence to know you are going down the right track. My salon is now well on the way to being the dream I always wanted it to be.

Avenue Boutique

Before I started coaching with Steve, I never fully understood my business. Steve helped me to grow my retail understand my numbers and manage my stock and My team.

I felt alone and no one understood the problems I faced except Steve who had already been through it all before. It was nice to have someone there to bounce ideas off and having a coach helped me to make decisions to better my business. Life after coaching made me believe in myself and helped me make lots of changes for the better and when new stylists joined our team they loved the structure I could offer them which made me feel more Professional.

It wasn’t always easy to implement change, but Steve always helped me through the challenges I faced. After the first year of coaching I decided to stop with Steve however I have since re-joined as it is nice to have someone to help me through and discuss my issues or generally just get someone else’s perspective. If you are a salon owner, I would recommend Steve as it can be a very lonely road.

Thank you!

Opus Artistic Hair

I’ve been working in collaboration with Steve as a business coach for 3 months.
Last week we had the pleasure of him visiting our salon and delivering a great session to the team to help to Inspire and motivate team to work smarter not harder.

Giving us all lots of little pointers and easy to follow paperwork to help track and report. I felt at the end of the session the team were uplifted and eager to put things into practice and to make their columns work not just for the business but for themselves, as it gave them stability but also direction to grow with the business but also gives our clients the ultimate salon experience.

The positivity of the staff’s attitude in salon is fabulous after just one session. Looking forward to future sessions.

Thanks, Steve, for everything to date!

Julie - Owner
Bespoke Hair Company - Great Malvern